Testimonial – Michelle Z

My name is Michelle and I am a 34 year old single mother of three boys. At such a young age, I have been through many trials and tribulations. I have been through many horrors and traumas that most people could not phantom. I was homeless with my children for quite some time and was just about to loose hope because I had no home, no job, no money, no basic needs and most important, no support. I was ready to give up and die. Then I met Ms. Nadia Valle from Wings of Hope. I told her EVERYTHING about my past and my situation. I explained that I had been to many other organizations and nobody could ever help me for one reason or another. This just added to my frustration and hopelessness. Ms. Nadia said that Wings of Hope could help me but I had little faith that they would do anything for me. Nadia has helped me so much – with basic needs such as hygiene products, clothes, bus passes, resources and by introducing me to women in her organization who are amazing and wonderful people. Ms. Nadia never gave up on me and would encourage me constantly to keep going. Almost three years with no place to call home and now I have a home. A lady named Beth who is a realtor helped me find housing and waived her fees so that my fees would be waived. What an amazing thing to do! She also brought me a bed for my boys to sleep and a television for them to watch. A woman named Holly brought me pots & pans, towels, and dishes. All of this for me just because they are part of something they believe in – and that is helping women and their children. Ms. Nadia referred me to a lady named Cynthia from Eagles Wings of Grace and she assisted me with clothes for work and is helping me find a job. These women have made a difference in my life! My boys and I have not felt this wonderful in a long time. It is nice to wake up in our home with a smile on our face instead of wondering where we were going to live and when we are going to eat. All that is missing is employment but I am working hard to get there by going out daily and applying for jobs. Ms. Nadia and all the wonderful women of Wings of Hope have given me so much – there are really no words to say thank you and show my appreciation! I have a beautiful home with my children, I have a reason to smile, and most important, I have hope again. All that my boys and I have and the road we are on now is all thanks to Ms. Nadia and the women of Wings of Hope.

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