Testimonial – Monikah

My name is Monikah Hunter. I am the mother of 3 wonderful children ages 23, 18 and 17. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren ages 2 and 3 days old.
About 5 years ago I became involved with the wrong crowd and got myself into a world of trouble with the law. It scared me so bad and made me really begin to evaluate my life and make better choices for myself and my children. I began going to church and really turned my life around by the grace of God. By the time I got sentenced (one year on Pretrial) I had a whole new life! I had two jobs and was enrolled in school getting my degree in Human Services Management. I got sentenced to 3 years probation. I did well on probation for almost the full 3 years. With only 4 months left, and even though I had not broken any laws or committed any crimes, I was violated by my Probation Officer. I really thought once the Judge heard my PO’s reason for violating me, I would be released. But much to the dismay of myself, my attorney and family, my case was heard by a visiting judge who just went by the guidelines of a first time violation and sentenced me to 5 months prison and 6 months halfway house time. Upon my release almost a year later, I was left to put the pieces of life as I once knew it, back together. I had lost my home, my car, my jobs and dropped classes with less than a semester left from my degree. Starting all the way over is hard. No one wants to rent apartments or houses to a felon. Jobs also, as a felon are extremely hard to come by. Seems people really do not want to take a chance on you. I applied everywhere. Even fast food places did not call me back. I was staying with family, and took on a job as a server at a buffet and riding the bus to work when I was let go from my job wrongfully. I was devastated! I rode the bus from Speedway and Pantano to Midvale and Valencia everyday to work and was never absent or late to work. So when they let me go, I was heartbroken. I began calling and emailing every agency I could to ask for help in finding work, or just help, period. The last thing I wanted was to be burden to anyone, unemployed , and I knew how hard it was for me to get that job, so I hoped someone out there could assist me. I sent out over a dozen emails, and made numerous calls. The responses I got were disheartening. Either I did not meet a certain criteria, or the agency was no longer in existence, or they didn’t have funds. That is when I heard back from Wings for Women. Not only did the President and Founder of the program contact me personally, but she said exactly what I needed to hear. “When can we meet and how can we help you?” Nadia and the Wings for Women Program have been God sent angels in my life. Not just with helping me secure a place to call my own, and furniture, but with a sense of belonging, a warm welcome back into society, unconditional love and a way to give back into our community. Nadias arms have even reached past me to other members of my family that needed help as well. I will be forever grateful and will always be a part of this wonderful program. Today I have 2 jobs and hope to someday finish my degree so that I can be a more effective member of society and help more people like me. Right now its baby steps. But each day I thank God for a chance to better myself and I thank Him for Wings for Women!

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