Our Vision

At the heart of Wings for Women’s mission and vision is to provide a safe and positive environment to homeless and impoverished women and their children. At Wings for Women, we will assist women in the areas of life skills development, community resources, case management, education, parenting, employment, housing search, community re-integration and aftercare support. The goal of the program is to help women achieve permanent housing. Support is provided to women in all areas of their lives to ensure a successful journey in getting their lives back on track. Wings for Women’s core programming will support women in taking small but significant steps toward re-establishing their lives. Most importantly, we will embrace them in developing a life plan, in addition to daily support with basic living skills. Wings for Women offers a variety of services designed to assist women in their journey towards independent lives in the community.  

Once these basic needs have been met, Wings for Women will assist women in thinking about their futures, encouraging enrollment in educational classes and training programs, and/or beginning to look for steady employment. We partner with nearby community-based institutions such as The Haven, CODAC Behavioral Health, C.O.P.E. Community Services, Emerge, and Turn Your Life Around.  Wings for Women will assist women with rebuilding relationships with family members. For women with children, we help them begin the often long and difficult process of rebuilding strong, healthy relationships with their children, and regaining custody when appropriate.

The women who come to Wings for Women have often lived in environments where they were given little encouragement or support to reach their potential, pursue their interests, or develop important life skills. The path toward healing is full of challenges, obstacles, social and political barriers, and sometimes major setbacks. The seed we will plant with the women at Wings of Hope is the notion that a better future for themselves  and their children is possible. And most significantly, we strive to create an environment so rich with love, support, encouragement, and guidance that women can tap into the power of a community full of other women who want to see them succeed.

Wings for Women will provide the following services to our clients:

  • Pick ups from the streets/shelters
  • Clothing, toiletries and food
  • Assistance in obtaining government documents, including Arizona identification card, Social Security card, and Birth Certificates
  • Assistance in obtaining health and mental health services.
  • Transportation assistance
  • Housing
  • Assistance with family reunification, including court advocacy, mother-child activities, educational resources for children, child support, and parenting workshops
  • Referrals to career and educational counseling – educational programming on topics such as financial literacy, the criminal justice system, recovery and personal growth, life skills, health and nutrition
  • Advocacy and leadership training
  • Aftercare Support
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